The plan focuses on:

  • People living and working in the city
  • Permanent and construction job creation
  • Demand for retail and services
  • Creativity and vibrancy across the city day and night
  • New development opportunities
  • Private sector confidence to invest in the city

The Minister for Planning has leading responsibility for delivery of the Action Plan, which was prepared by the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) in consultation with other government departments.

The Geelong Authority has played a leading role in advising government on important elements of change that will help Geelong's long term growth potential. It will continue to advise the Minister for Planning on strategies to attract investment to central Geelong and - major planning applications to help create jobs and drive growth in Geelong.

The RCG Partnership, comprised of officers from state departments and agencies and the City of Greater Geelong, has been established to work together to implement the plan.

Page last updated: 01/03/24