The Johnstone Park Raingarden project demonstrates how stormwater can be managed to harvest, clean and store rainwater/runoff for irrigation.

Project benefits

As well as harvesting stormwater, then raingarden project:

  • Removes pollutants in stormwater through a series of terraced ponds.
  • Collects the stormwater in a 250,000 litre underground tank for reticulation back through the garden, creating an active water element to Johnstone Park outside of rain events.
  • Provides universal access into the basin of the park via a ramp.
  • Provides more level surfaces where people can sit and enjoy this attractive green park in central Geelong.
  • Provides resurfaced paths more suitable for walking or riding across in wet conditions.
  • A new staircase consistent with its original heritage, adn build with contemporary design standards.
  • More than 150 square metres of garden beds were planted, enhancing the lush feel of the park.

Page last updated: 29/04/20