Inspired by central Melbourne’s world-famous laneways, central Geelong’s Laneways Action Plan identifies opportunities to create new pathways through the city. Improving Geelong’s laneway network by enhancing existing and creating new corridors, will significantly contribute to the future liveability and economic prosperity of the city.

The expansion of Geelong’s laneway network is one step closer, with works set to begin in 2021 to breakthrough and extend Denny’s Place.

Laneways make it easier to move around and improve the connectivity of a city. The new Denny’s Place passage will better link the Malop Street Green Spine, the city’s waterfront and the university precinct with Little Malop Street’s thriving shops, food outlets and nightlife.

The laneway will also improve pedestrian access for thousands of office workers from the Worksafe and NDIA head offices, as workers frequent the popular Little Malop Street al fresco precinct.

The State Government is investing $2.7 million into building innovative and creative key connections in Geelong to make it easier for pedestrians to move through the city from the iconic waterfront precinct to the CBD. A further $1.35 million has been allocated through the Geelong City Deal. The $382.48 million Geelong City Deal is a 10-year partnership between the three levels of government to secure the economic success of Geelong and its people.

The Geelong City Deal will support the revitalisation of Central Geelong and the region’s continued economic diversification, with particular focus on unlocking the significant economic potential of the visitor economy of the Great Ocean Road region.

Page last updated: 08/04/21