Gheringhap Street Drain

Central Geelong is rapidly growing and existing infrastructure needed to be updated and improved.

The Gheringhap Street Drain project was completed in December 2019.

The 450m stormwater drain was built along Gheringhap Street into Corio Bay reduces the frequency and impact of flooding in the Geelong CBD.

High-tech 'micro-tunnelling' was used to construct the drain, providing greatest cost benefit and allowing the project to be completed quickly with as little disruption to the community as possible.

A gross pollutant trap captures large pieces of litter before they enter Corio Bay.

This project is part of the Geelong City Deal, a collaborative partnership to transform Geelong and the Great Ocean Road by the Australian and Victorian Governments, and the City of Greater Geelong through the Revitalising Central Geelong Action Plan.

Page last updated: 20/12/23